Hello Everyone….

Welcome to Pew Pewed,

My name is Archaius….

I am new to this sort of thing so i will keep it short for an introduction message. (i dont want to bore you on the first post now do i?).

I want to talk to you about a game….a game that i began playing almost two years now and has sucked me into its majestic lore, its community and above all its fun. That game of course is World of Warcraft.

I play on the E.U server of Steamwheedle Cartel, I play on the Alliance Side with my two mains :

Archaius : Draenei, Arcane Mage, or Mister Pew Pew

Enila :         Night Elf, Restoration/Feral (tank)

I also have a Troll Hunter or Huntard, that i hardly play with, why you say? Perhaps because at every occasion its the Hunter’s Fault (Take Growl off your pet, You aggro Whore, Feign Death dammit) i just cant deal with the drama.

This blog is going to be recording my experiences within the game, because beleive me alot happens in the game that its so funny and there is always no one around to talk about it  (-_-) . So i thought i will just write it down and give an opportunity for you guys to read it and let me know what you think.

The realm i am on is a Roleplaying Realm with a medium Player base, im a casual player in a casual guild, and raid when i get a chance, hence grinding heroics for that blasted Tier 9. Not alot of roleplaying goes on on our server although i do like it when it happens and often join in. I write down my experiences and i have built enough material to publish a book with it. Maybe release a few pages here and there at regular intervals? see what you think ?

Enough with the chit chat (omg are you dozing off? *better finish this off quick*), keep yourself posted here…and i hope that you enjoy all my upcoming posts. Feel Free to comment on any ideas that you would like me to talk about or if your a blogger yourself, teach me? (please ?? */beg*).

Fairwell Azerothians.
Pewwww pewwww…!!


~ by archaius on January 12, 2010.

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