Im A Maaaaaage….!!

Yes indeed i am folks .

Master of magic and elemental forces, feared grand Magus and respected elder.

A mage is all that and more.

Archaius was my first toon. From the first moment i chose the skin colour and his hairdo i knew that we together as one would be destined for great things.

I was excited like a child on a sugar high unwrapping its presents during winter veil.

I press the enter world button and venture into the beautiful majestic world of Azeroth, only to find out that is not as inviting as it seems.

There should be a warning somewhere. Choosing a caster/cloth class will get you killed many times, you will run out of mana all the way until you are at least level 50 if not more, roll a warrior or a druid instead. That sorta thing.

What can i say though, i was enticed by the pretty powers. *teeheehee*

So my gaming experiences where affected by many of the things mentioned above, the whole idea of me being new didnt really help either.

I had no idea about zones or quests, started running around killing stuff , doing my thing.

Proffesions you say?

What are those ?
Experience? Pfffffft…..

Ahhh a big Scary monster chasing meeee…….DEAD..!

I thought a druid in bear form was gonna kill me…..*nooby right?* -_-

The first couple of weeks, that was basically my sorta routine. I was level 17, battered and bruised with ripped bloodied gear i managed to pry from the dead hands of my enemies (very….few….enemies).

Eventually someone gazed at me in pity and helped me out, and showed me the ropes of the game and to top that he gave me 20g…..bless you friend (you know who you are :D).

Throughout my Leveling experience i leveled up as a Fire mage. The idea of just burning your enemies to a big pile of ash was very destructive and enjoyable that it appealed to me. Later on at level 60 i began spending some points in the Arcane tree and completely loved it. I also discovered PvP at that point and many enemies perished with my subtle bursts of power.

When i finally capped to 70 i changed to full Arcane and remain so to this day. My PvP specc is also Arcane with a fire twist. In all fairness, Arcane is imba and all, but there is something about slamming a Pyroblast in a rogue’s face that i relish *teeheehee :D*.

Overall the mage class for me is the best class in the Game.

We can go wherever we want : Portals FTW.

Make our own Nourishment: Strudel *om nom nom*

We also make those less fortunate melee classes that little bit smarter with our buffs, they say they dont need it, but beleive me its an act. 😛

But this is the big one: We have our own City..*Victory dance*, you heard right, one that floats too..!

We pew pew the crap out of anything we see and are extreemly feared in battlegrounds (Thats why we die first….-_-)!

If you choose to roll a mage, its going to be a hard road, but in the end you evolve into one of the coolest classes of the game….If not the Best class.

Pew Pew…!!

Fairwell Azerothians.



~ by archaius on January 20, 2010.

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