The Guild..!!

OK……I Dunno about you guys but im a big fan of The Guild.

You had better Watched it ….:P

What is ‘The Guild’?


You Never Heard of it ?

Well thats what im here for, to enlighten you….:)

First of all : Felicia Day = Hawtness…!!

The Guild is a web series about a group of online gamers that play an MMORPG themselves. It is basically something similar to Warcraft since they are all WoW players…and its extreemely funny and im sure many of us sympathise with their experiences.

The cast consists of Six main core actors and several others over the course of the seasons. I have seen every single episode up to season 3 so far, and excitedly waiting for season 4 to begin.

Felicia Day is the Writer and coProducer of the webseries and she is a legend. You might of seen her in other T.V shows like Buffy the Vampire slayer, House and the Dr Horrible webseries on Youtube.

Because of their immense success they also made a music video clip called ‘Do you want to date my Avatar’, watch it, sing it, love it, humm it…..its never going to leave your mind ever again…its one hell of a catchy tune *teeheehee*.

If you want to watch the wepisodes you can do so at :

or on youtube by typing ‘The Guild’ in the search engine.

This is my little tribute towards those guys, because i love what they do and its inspirational in a sense that it creates that awareness about us as gamers in a society that somewhat penalizes us as geeks and nerds.

So my Kudos to the Guild and may many more shows come our way.

There is a link in my blogroll, that goes directly to the main ‘The Guild’ website if your interested.

Pew Pew..!!

Fairwell Azerothians.



~ by archaius on January 24, 2010.

One Response to “The Guild..!!”

  1. I play WoW. I play lots of WoW. On January first, lying decrepit on the sofa after the party to shame all parties, we watched all three of the seasons in one go. It was fun. It was well written. It had surprisingly very little to do with WoW and was also aimed mainly at a female audience but still fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 🙂

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