You be feelin’ da arcane mon…!!

Who needs elemental magic when you can wield and be the master of the very essence of it ?

Arcane for me is the most intricate talent tree for my mage, i love it.

Whether you use it  for PvE or PvP it delivers 100%. It is at the moment one of the most favoured talent tree’s prefered by mages and you can see quite a few around Azeroth sporting it.

In PvE it is the most versatile specc that you could ever have  as it offers movement capabilities galore.

OMG the dreaded fire AOE, blink and arcane barrage, Spam arcane blasts and before you know it you got 4 stacks, missile barrage procs…shoot those death rays. I always have a tingling sensation when missile barrage procs…its gets me all giddy when i fire them. Cant help but muttering two little words when i do so *pew pew*. Its amazing!!

In PvP is a whole different story. We die…..alot. There must be a warning at the opposing faction when we get on..

*Attention  Mage has entered the battleground, all troops available, OBLITERATE..!!*

This of course does not mean that we wont put up a fight while we go down, and boy do we put up a fight.

You have so many abilities useful for PvP as an Arcane mage you can take a few opponents down yourself if you play appropriately. you can never predict what kind of players you may meet in the PvP environment, nothing is ever the same, there is no predisposed manner in what enemy players will do. just the general get flag, cap buildings, destroy buildings agendas.

You don’t know if you are going to be facing a Rogue, a Shaman or a DK combo, that is what is so exciting at BG’s and Arenas alike.

I have a few general rules about PvP combat which i would like to share with you, they do help in the appropriate circumstance.

  • If its moving, Slow it.
  • If its casting, counterspell it.
  • If cursed, decurse it, (the addon decursive really shines here)
  • If fighting melee, pop Frost armor.
  • If fighting casters, pop Mage armor.
  • If they close to you, Slow or Nova and Blink.
  • If its a Hunter, Frost Nova them, stay close and behind him. (They are weaker at melee range so they are easier to kill, if the pet is an issue, just polymorph it.)
  • Low Manna and Health?invisibility, head to safe spot, evocate (Evocation glyph is a PvP essential).
  • Rogue sap? wait until attack and iceblock, slow rogue, blink and pew pew those annoying shits. Blinking while kidney shotted is also wise to do.
  • Healer, if you can keep him out of game a long time, polymorph it, otherwise attempt to kill him or keep him occupied until someone comes along and assists you.
  • Sheild? spell steal it. ( basically render everything you see buffless).

Thats basically some general rules on how to survive PvP  as a mage and do a bit of ass kicking along the way. These of course are things that i do though. So if you guys have any  any other magey tips about BG performance dont hesitate to write in and let me know.

To conclude, Arcane for me is the most beautiful specc a mage can have. I Love it with a passion and im never ever, everrrrrrr going to change. Unless ofc they make any of the other speccs better. that will never happen though. Arcane is Blizzards new favourite and we gonna get more buffs babay…!!! well at least i hope so (^-^)

If you are interested in the arcane tree, you can check my specc at the wow armory link that i have on my blogroll section. Ofc that specc is built to work well with my gear and my playstyle…but it is a perfect platform of which to launch yourself in to the madness that is Arcane..!!

Pew Pew !!

Fairwell Azerothians.



~ by archaius on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “You be feelin’ da arcane mon…!!”

  1. Well I think that arcane is only really getting it’s love now. All through BC and Vanilla arcane was the red-headed step-child of the mage family. But I am happy that we now have it as a possible spec:)

    • Yes i agree with you 100%.
      It is about time arcane has been loved up a little bit ^^.
      And it is not only a possible specc, it is THE specc according to many. I was always arcane to begin with apart from being a complete noob and lvled with fire all the way to 60 lol. But for me i love it and i hope many more fans sport it all around the wow universe 😛
      Thanks for your comment.

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