Geif group!!! Geif Drake!!!

So you have read at how awsome and perfect the new LFG is, either by reading about it at another blog or article, by it being mentioned in game or just after you have experienced it yourself.

I am not going to disagree, gearing up characters and alt has become really easy these days. A character you have forgotten in the bottom corner of your logging screen gathering cobwebs can be brought back to life.

All by just running a few instances a day.

But lets face it, the waiting time as a DPS takes foreverrrrr, no one trusts mage tanking anymore, come on….we hold aggro pretty well.

This feature rocks apart from those unfortunate circumstances when you get grouped up with a bunch on incompetent noobs and end up carrying them all the way to the end only to have them kick you because you suggested a few ways on going about things. (grudge much?). Im not going to name and shame though, you know why? Because im a good person (ok honestly i forgot their names and servers).

Damn that DK and his 1k DPS, he is dead meat……oh wait, he is dead. Well i hope he lives a life of cursed undeath…..he is ? BLAST…!!

Other situations ofc involve you getting paired up with a way to overconfident tank, that has 30 k health and assumes because of that the whole trash within the instance can be pulled while half of the dps are still preparing and the healer is half a mile behind. he then subsequently dies and leaves grp. Honestly people….HONESTLY….WTF…Its a grp for a reason..Hellooooo!!

The amount of imbicilles i have encountered in this game is just unimaginable, but in all fairness there are alot of other players that know and understand how to play the game and their classes appropriately where you clear the instance in a good and efficient manner.

I dont care if you do 1k dps at the end of the day, you might not be overgeared as all the other older lvl 80’s out there but if you sure as hell know how to play your game properly i wont stop you. After all we need all the reinforcments we can get to down the big ice cold ass thats sitting in IceCrown.

On a sidenote looks like my favourite Instance just got a facelift…its practically a loot piniata.

Yes you know what im talking about, the bane of northrend, the most feared and avoided dungeon of all time in the game, the chain drop group by tanks dungeon, my beloved Occulus.

Now you propably think im mad, and perhaps i am….HEEEER’S AAAARCHYYY *cackle*.

*Cough Cough*

But on a more serious note…This instance has been nerfed so much, even a naked gnome can solo it. I am over the moon and on top of that when you complete it, because you will, Eregos is a big blue scaly wuss now, you have a chance of receiving one of his spawn as a mount, you got it a big fat Blue Drake.

For us as Mages there is also the added boon of having this blue drake. The Azure dragonflight are the masters of magic, they possess the mastery in its control and manipulation…..we where made for each other…:D

You get two extra emblems of Triumph and some rare gems on top of that, this will only hasten your goal in getting that awsome tier 9 and other emblem gear. So the incentive is there, call it bribing, call it wrong, call it what you like.

I know what i want…GEIF DRAKEEEEEEE!!

Pew Pew..!!

Fairwell Azerothians.



~ by archaius on January 28, 2010.

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