Ok lets get right to the point here…..

It is most propable that someone you know within the wow universe has been hacked.

How did they get hacked?

Gold buying doesnt help, also those whispers you get from *billzard*, not real, that sorta thing.

Hackers have dramatically increased these past few years and you can notice the frequency of their obscurities quite often in game now. From the gold selling advertisments, to the visit this site /whispers, they are getting alot bolder than they used to be.

*Log in*

-why is my character naked? :S

*enter world*

-omg, everything i own is gone.

*log into bank alt*


Thats what usually happens when you get hacked, at least the basic story of it .

You then open a game master ticket, takes a couple of days, then a game master tries to reimburse your stolen goods. on some other occasions though you might not be able to access your own account, and therefore you dont get to see your favourite characters again…..EVER..!!

The solution is there ofcourse my friends..and that is the Blizzard Authenticator.

A small peice of plastic that generates random codes, sync the serial number that comes with it to your battlenet account and each time you enter Azeroth you are inclined to enter this random code. So instead of you one time account password you have this little password setting device to go with it.

This is indeed a problem for hackers, its a little hard to figure out the authenticator password, too bad for them it changes every 30 seconds.

*points at hacker*


You can purchase it from the Blizzard store for a tiny sum, or install the Authenticator App on your iphone (app is free). Set it up and your good to go.

Another added boon to make you want to purchase one of these Authenticators is of course the ingame pet you receive : The Corehound Puppy.


Sooooo Cuteeeeeee!!

So Authenticate people, let us play in a safer, gold seller free, random /whisper’s free Azeroth..!!

Yes we can..!!

Fairwell Azerothians.!



~ by archaius on February 1, 2010.

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