After Arthas…..!!!

Archaius opens his Diary and enters his experiences:

*The Citadel is cold, hollow  and the screams and movements of the undead scourge have ceased.

The putrid hew of the gray walls of the mammoth building have witnessed the demise of its king.

The tall, enlarged figure, engulfed in frost encrusted armor, was not as menacing as it once was. There he lay, immoblile, dead. The helm he once adorned was accross the room, his face was peacefull, angelic, Arthas Menethil was finally loose from the skeletal grips of the Lich King, and so was Azeroth itself.

The essence of the Lich King, the very soul of  Ner’Zhul the orc shaman could not of been destroyed that easily. I assume it has resided at a setting somewhere where it shall be gathering in strength once again. To plan, to plot, to see his ambitions to the end and see the destruction of Azeroth.

The undead forces once bound to the Lich King, much like the Forsaken have obtained their free will back and are looking to join those who where once in their place to guide and lead them. Sylvanas welcomes the leaderless undead into her city and with it boosts her forces. With this addition i can only presume this will be of a major advantage to the Horde against us. Or will it help against the grand scheme Sylvanas has, wiping all life off the face of Azeroth?

The Sense of camaderie between us and the Horde begins to fade. Our one common enemy has now perished and we are back at square one, fighting to secure resources and overthrow one another. This will only aggrevate the situation, the hate between us only hastens and deepens. But thats is always how it has been, it is taken as normality between us. We need to do what we can to survive.

Festivals and parties are spread throughout Azeroth, toasting the Heroes that have slain the Lich King and diminished the Scourge Army. Happiness and Joy is sprawled accross the villages and the people. Their World is free.

Despite this moment of Happiness, weather conditions seemed to have worsenned now. Earthquakes and extreeme heat although expected seem to be alot more frequent now. A shaman oracle warned me, The Lich King was nothing compared to what was to come our way. What could it be ? When? How? These questions are to remain unanswered untill it eventually happens.

I know one thing….Whatever it will be, we will counter it. Nothing will come in our way, we are blessed by the light, we are THE Alliance!!.

Entry 1


This is a blog post in reply from the Blog Azeroth Shared Topics Forum.

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall, initiated this topic, and i must admit i really enjoyed writing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i did.

Untill then..

Fairwell Azerothians,



~ by archaius on February 3, 2010.

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