The next Hero class??

There has been alot of commotion about the next Hero class, and it is deeply intriguing. I have been pondering on this idea myself  for a little while and it its the main reason for the lack of posts. I do apologise for this but i wanted to make sure that this wasnt a lame idea (teeheehee),

So we had Death Knights with the coming of the Lich King, which was appropriate in my book. What wasnt appropriate was the lack of people and imbicilles that didnt know how to play them. All in all it blends well with the Lore side of things. I want Blizzard to continue with this theme. With Cataclysm in the horizon we have a new villain in the game.

Neltharion the Earth Warder to be infact, most commonly known as Deathwing. The fallen dragon aspect out of the five that where responsible in looking after Azeroth itself and its inhabitants. He had the power in maintaining the structure and the layout of Azeroth *hence all the disasters we will see soon because he messes it up to his liking :P*

The five Dragon aspects are :

  • Alexstrasza, the Life Binder (Ruby Dragonflight).
  • Malygos, the Spell weaver (Azure Dragonflight).
  • Nozdormu, the Timeless one (Amber Dragonflight).
  • Ysera, the Dreamer (Emerald Dragonflight).

Each with Specific powers.

So here is my idea (and please dont laugh at me :P) why not introduce a class that encompasses the attributes of the dragon aspects. To name it would be hard, but what about something like Aspect Vessel, or blessed of the Aspects. ( I think i will leave the name to Blizzard).

So a class obtaining all the powers of the four dragonflights? Sounds a little Overpowered to me, dont you think?

Blizzard does not have to make them stronger than the aspects themselves, just better than Death Knights. (hehehe).

It should be a hybrid class. Druids have all the glory in that department and i think its time to share the love, and by hybrid class i mean they will do….everything..!!

So the talent trees could work out to be something like this :

Spell Dreamer : Influenced by the Emerald and Azure Dragonshrine, this can be a healing and ranged DPS tree. This can work well because we already have an intertwined specc tree anyway, (Druid Feral tree), and it works pretty well for Discipline preists, (dps and healing).

Life Tree : Influenced by the Ruby Dragonshrine and the Queen Alexstrasza. This would be your tanking tree, considering that the dragon Queen is all about protecting all the mortal races of Azeroth, this would be perfect.

Timeless Tree: Influenced by the Amber Dragonflight, this will concentrate on the mellee DPS tree and into making it an effective attacker. The time saving skills of this aspect could come in handy. 😀

As for which races will be able to use it i do not know, i could leave that to Blizzard. They could in my book just make a new race to go with it, the Dragonflights have offspring which we ride, why not have offspring that we could play with. Im thinking a reptilian Humanoid sorta thing…..that would be awsome.

I know this idea is crazy, but most of them where before they where revolutionized. But lets face it it would be awsome. It will give us players with no Death Knights some more options, thats for sure……..

Fairwell Azerothians

Pew Pew..!!


~ by archaius on February 8, 2010.

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