Ahhhh…Love is in the air…..!!

What a great day, Love is in the Air in the World Of Warcraft…can you smell it?

Wafts of Roses and cologne drifting in the air, everyone is wearing their pretty dresses and outfits.

The Ins are full of people, drinking, eating, drinking some more……and of course dating.

But not everyone, you see Archaius was loneley this Valentines day, sitting by himself all over the place, waiting for that special someone to come, offer him some company and talk.

Sad isnt it ?

After a while though he got fed up, him a mighty mage could not get the attention he deserved, so his ice armor started to melt and with it you could hear the cracking of his own heart.


So he thought about finishing those love fool acheivments he so needed to get the title, which he did and of course now he is appropriateley named ‘The Love fool’.

I managed to also catch a glimpse on what it would like to be a goblin, not very interesting to say the least.

Gawd, they are hideous little creatures.

Im sure that everyone has completed their Love fool acheivments by now, the change implemented to it has indeed made it alot easier than it used to be, running around after guards, building gifts and handing them out to the leaders or whatever you used to do. All they need now is a pretty bracelet (selfish much?).

Another thing that I implemented this year of the Lurve Festival is the happy process of dishing out anonymous gifts to friends. I used an anonymous alt called ‘Anonymity’ to wrap some red roses up and send them to my friends.

They will never know *teeheehee*

It makes them feel appreciated and acknowledge the fact that they are doing something in the game that influences people Plus i enjoyed doing it :D.

So i have been wondering here and there :

Got pretty lonely….so lonely in fact that not one person could get to me 😦

I felt like Cuasimodo, in the cathedral of Notre Dame, stranded away , looking down at the people, alone, wanting to be down there but never accepted. At least i had Fireworks for company (ahhhh pretty heartsssss).

That and the fact that i forgot how to get down…… 😛

What did you do for Valentines day?

Spoke to your long lost love ?

Shyfully sent your gift with hope of a response?

Went on a romantic date?

Do tell…….

For any lover, Lothario and Godesses out there, Happy Valentines Day xxx

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on February 15, 2010.

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