PvP ….Pew Pew Style….!

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OK I  have noticed that i havent written up nothing in terms of Mages what so ever, so here is the deal, i am going to write a coprehensive guide for an Arcane Mage in PvP including : Spec, Gems, Enchants, Gear as well as addons, macros and strategies against the different classes.

So for the first part i shall explain the Arcane Spec that i use to be effective in peeeeveeeepeeee.

The most common spec for a mage in PvP is frost, all those roots and snares are highly commendable in a BG and Arena alike. With high survivability frost mages are a pain in the Butt to take down, this spec although highly favoured lacks the damage output, and when i played it i foud it to be incredibly boring *Snore*.

The Least common PvP spec used is Fire, not very popular because its Basically an all offence and a no defence spec.You can pump out alot of damage but you can be taken out with a couple of blows, if not one. I also had a go at this spec. Although incredibly fun to blow things up, i got tired of dying and rezzing all the time.

So my love dwelled in the Arcane, reasonable damage, mobility, and a whole bunch of tools and tricks to rival a rogue’s you can slip away from the opposition, confuse them and beat the crap out of them.


So as i said the Arcane tree is going to be the main focus here so anyone who is interested in some Pew Pew pay attention :

The specc i am using is : 60/11/00


In the Arcane tree there are a few spells that are a must to have :

Improved Counterspell : The Silence factor which comes with this talent is a must against casters, time it right and a preist casting a Holy Spell will be interupted as well as rendered useless in terms of healing for four seconds. That is alot of time to take a caster out of the game.

Torment of the weak : No PvP battleground goes without a snare or a root taking place so this talent is essential, with a few snares of your own the extra 12% of damage is sweeeeet.

Presence of Mind : Making a spell with a casting time an instant and buffing it with some critical strike (30% i will have you know), is a dream come true for us mages. Arcane potency is the talent that provides us this lovely present.

Prismatic cloak : Extra armor to rival that of Ice Armor and an instant Invisibility spell makes us elusive to say the least, very handy when planning an escape or a surprise.

Arcane Empowerment: Missles and Arcane Explosion get an extra damage boost, definately needed for Burst Damage.

Arcane Power: 2o% more damaging spells. Hell yeah, gimme gimme gimme, so what if it costs 20% more mana, odds are you wont propably live that much in a given situation to use it all, so use it on cooldown and blast blast blast.

Incanters Absorption: Mana Sheild up, absorb damage, boost your spellpower by 15% of the damage absorbed and pew pew. With the new upcoming patch this spell will become even more coveted for PvP. The 5% health penance is to be removed and what will be added is that Fire ward and Frost ward will also contribute in Incanters Absorption. Yahooo…!!

Slow: Your Bread and Butter of the Arcane mage tree, like the Hunter’s Feighn death. Spam it and live by it. See a Melee? Slow him, he trinkets out of it?, slow him again, now chances appear bleak and other options are to be sought after. Torment of the weak works in conjuction with slow, slow is a snare, and a slowed target is a target thats receiving 12% more damage.

Missile Barrage: Only one thing to say….Pew Pewwww!!

Arcane Barrage:  The last spell in the Arcane tree, its the spell that will keep you moving while inflicting reasonable damage to your opponent, spam it on cooldown, its fun…teeheeeheee 😀


Improved Fire Blast: Filler, nothing more, you can use it just to throw damage out.

Incineration: This boosts most of your spells and most importantly your Arcane Blast.

Burning Determination: 100% immunity to next stun or silence? Godsend..!!

World in Flames: All your AoE’s get 6% more damage including your Pyroblast, which is what we aim for.

Pyroblast: The Pyroblast goes without question, you need this highly damage dealing spell, i dont usually cast it but instead use it in conjuction with Presence of Mind from the Arcane tree. The extra critical strike you get is imba, you can easily *eat* away half of an enemy’s health this way.


Major :

Reguired, Glyph of Evocation : This is in my opinion the must have glyph in my book, the ability to heal yourself while you regenerate mana is remarkable.

Optional, Glyph of Polymorph: Goo on the ground? Well not to worry, your cc is safe and sound.

Glyph of Arcane blast: Your main nuke spell, extra damage is always desired.

Glyph of Mirror Image: People always expect 3 copies, when they see 4 there is only one  thing                                             going through their minds, confusion.

Glyph of Blink: Those extra 5 yards make running away and kiting= awsomness..!!

The ones i personally use at the moment are : Glyph of Evocation, Blink and Mirror image, just playing around a little bit and proving to be effective with my playstyle, if you find yourself using arcane blast a whole more glyph that and so on. There is no right or wrong in terms on glyphing, you choose the glyphs to enhance the spells that you use frequently and according to your play, see what works for you and glyph appropriately.


There are only three popular options in using minor glyphs, these are :

Glyph of Slow fall:  Very helpful in battlegrounds that require you to jump off high areas etc.                                                    Using it in AB Lumbermill to jump down to escape or planning a high flying attack to the mine, this                                      is for you.

Glyph of Frost and Fire ward: These two Glyphs mitigate damage in terms of absorbing it.                                    Soon to be influenced by the incanter’s absorption buff to give you spellpower with an added 5% chance to reflect the spell back to the attacker….yeeeehaaaaaw.

This is pretty much the spec and glyphs that i use for my PvP battles, i hope you find them helpful. Stay tuned where in my next post i will discuss Gear and Gems.

Until Then Fairwell Azerothians.



~ by archaius on February 24, 2010.

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