PvP……Pew Pew style, Part 2…!!

The long Awaited Second post in continuation to my PvP Arcane Mage series.

In this one I will Discuss the gear that you will require and the gems you could apply t make you effective enough in the Battlegrounds.


The good thing about Arcane PvP is that it is a highly mobile Spec which means you are less likely to be hit most of the time. Therefore starting with your normal PvE gear will not be ideal per say but will have to do until you build up your honor gains, you will survive long enough to do some decent damage.

The Wintergrasp Battleground is up every Two Hours, make sure you do it consistently, pick up the quests when available because they provide a boatload of honor that could easily get you on your way in obtaining your PvP items. The marks you also gather will allow you to purchase some cool items also.

To begin with i would suggest purchasing the PvP trinket that is available from your respective Vendor (Medallion of the Alliance, Medallion of the Horde). This gives you an opportunity to get out of situations where you character is incapasitated, snared, rooted.

Once that is obtained you can then go ahead and purchase the more expensive items first, with season 8 now operational we have the Wrathfull Gladiator peices available to us. You can only obtain the new set only if you are a hardocore arena player of course, but the relentless gear from season 7 are now available for the mainstream battleground PvP player with 2-3 peices of the wrathfull gear available for honor purchase. For us as mages obtaining the whole set of gear for PvP means we have quicker Polymorph spells as well as a big resilience boost.

Start building your set ASAP and you will notice a considerable difference in how much longer you survive in the battlegrounds and how much your enemies drop down, lifeless, dead and waiting for the rezz timer.

Refrain from purchasing the Leggings though as you can obtain those by spending Wintergrasp marks of Honor in wintergrasp (40 i beleive) and they are the same in terms of ilevel and stats.

This reminds me come the patch the honor system as we know it will receive a complete overhaul, marks will be removed and in their place more honor for each kill we obtain will be doubled, good eh? it will make our lives just that little bit easier. On the other hand save those marks, farm them even before the patch comes, stack em up because they will provide a good honor boost when they will be needed to be traded in at a vendor. Around 2k honor, much like how turning in the wintergrasp marks work when you exchange them.

The ring obtained from the honor system is unigue equipped which means you can only obtain one, good thing is though is that its twin is sold at wintergrasp fortress so you can obtain the other one from there. The same goes for the other PvP trinket you can get that also from Wintergrasp.

To get this gear requires alot of Wins, Honor Grinding and Dedication, but it is worth it.


Now Gems are an aisthetic issue in my book, there is so many out there that allow you to specialise your character as much as you want, and personalise your gear in great variety.

For us as Arcane mages i would say we have 4 coloured sockets from our gear:




and Meta

But the Question is what do we socket in them?

Red: Spellpower, this is our main stat that we need to stack up, the gem for this ? Runed Cardinal Ruby

Blue: The full blue gems are useless to us, what we use in this socket are purples (Dreadstones). there are 2 options that you could use, you could go for Mysterious Dreadstone or Purified Dreadstone, the thing is you will only equip 2 for your metagem and that will be it.

Yellow: Again there are 2 options for this colour Also, you could go for Smooth Kings Amber to build your critical strike value up if you need it, or go for the reckless Ametrine.

Meta: One and only one, Chaotic Skyflare Diamond.

Flush your gear with these gems and you will be on your way to awsomness.

I would suggest stack Spellpower regardless of socket bonuses unless you get more than 7sp as a bonus from it, aim for about 30% critical strike. You will need only 2 blue or purple gems to allow your metagem to work so any other blue sockets feel free to pop a red gem in that.


Head : Arcanum of Burning Mysteries (Kirin tor)

PvP Head enchant (Respective Faction PvP Vendors)

Shoulders : Sons of Hodir enchant

PvP Enchant from Wintergrasp

Cloak: Lightweave Embroidery (Tailors)

Haste Enchant

Spell Penetration

Chest: +10 to stats

Waist: Eternal Belt Buckle

Wrist and gloves: +28 spellpower

Legs: Tailor Enchant (sp and stam)

Boots: Tuskarrs Vitality or Ice walker (Tusk recommended though)

Weapon: Spellpower

Enchanter only: Rings

As for your weapon use your PvE weapon most do, you will need some sort of hit rating so that you hit your opponents, mine is enchanted with black magic which is the haste buff purely because its my raiding weapon, others enjoy the spellpower enchant more so at the end of the day it is a personal preference.

Resilience is a major component in battlegrounds, reduces incoming damage and the chance for your enemy to critically hit you also, so you need to stack up as much as you can, aim for 700-800 resilience, you might be thinking that is alot, but it is easily obtainabl once you start building your PvP set.

Become the Bane of the Battleground.

For the Alliance.

Addons and Macros on the next one so stay posted.

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “PvP……Pew Pew style, Part 2…!!”

  1. Hmm I’m interested to see that on the gems you don’t say haste?

    Is there any reason for that as I always thought more haste was a good thing?

    • The reckless ametrine provides some haste in conjuction with spellpower for all those yellow sockets…. I personally use the black magic enchant on my weapon which procs frequently granting 260 haste when it does. You can always gem for it but as my main nuke (missile barrage) procs frequently( due to crit) I never actually gemmed for it extensively. But I can say that frost is more haste reliant as a spec than arcane or fire.

  2. Ahhh ok well maybe I’ll replace some haste for sp then. Wil look into that – thanks

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