Im Single, Abstract and live in the Noun..!!

If your an avid reader like myself and are looking to talk to your favourite bloggers and fellow readers I implore you to check out the guild Single Abstract Noun (SAN).

The brain child of Tamarind from Righteous Orbs ,his idea is one of the best anyone has come up so far in bringing the blogging community together and for us to get to know each other.

I rolled an alt and headed to the EU server of Argent Dawn. Since it’s on the Horde side I was a little lost to say the least. So used to the Alliance side was I that I had to experience the other side and it’s inherent beauty in a new perspective.

A quick /who in the search bar and a vast plethora of people suddenly got listed. One of then was Tamarind of who I whispered casually and in a roleplay manner ( heard it’s a heavy rp realm) asked to join the guild.

An invite was issued and I was officially a member of Single Abstract Noun. I must admit talking to Tamarind and joining the guild made my heart flutter with joy. People that I have been Reading their blogs for god knows how long where here, live and chattering away. I introduced myself and the guild chat welled up with greetings. Single Abstract Noun is a guild where you can relax chat and enjoy yourself. I picked a spot I’m the starting area of Silvermoon and immersed myself in the conversation. Before I knew it 2 hours of constant talking went by discussing issues with the upcoming patch, how many 80’s we all have and which is the best class ( mages pawn).

I decided to logg off with a huge smile on my face after the interesting in depth conversasion I had.

So if your looking to join single abstract noun roll an alt and join the fun.

For EU players head to the Argent Dawn realm and on the Horde side.

For US you can hit up Miss Medicina and join them at the Alliance side. Same guild name same server.

I have come to understand that there are two guilds one for Eastside and one for West to help with the timing issues. Also there is one for the Aussies out there but I’m not completely sure. Ask miss Medicina for details on that if your interested.

I love this idea and I hope to find some time soon to log back on my itty bitty Mage and talk some more.

Until next time.

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on March 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Im Single, Abstract and live in the Noun..!!”

  1. Thanks for this, I have been reading abotu SAN everywhere and had no idea what people were talking about đŸ™‚

    • No worries, always here to help, glad you obtained something out of it.
      Hope to see you around if you are in the EU otherwise hit up Miss Medicina in game if you are US and join the fun..:)

  2. I am in OZ, might make an alt on the US side though, I think you will all be asleep :p
    hehe might have to find out about the aussie one that is apparently running

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