This image is a Draenei, When its PISSED...!!

Scenario 1

-Hey can i have a portal to Dalaran?

-(me): Sure

-I will tip

*portal opens*

*he enters portal*


*he leaves group*

-(me) : why you little shit…

*you are ignored*


Im not really that fussed with tips to be completely honest with you, a rune costs a mere silver thats not the issue, the issue is the way this guy acted.

Scenario 2

Party Pug

Me: Hai All

-Hey (from random people)

-Mage table

-Excuse me?


Me: im guessing manners dont exist on your server!


*Makes food, hand it out to the rest of the group except the rude one*

-Where is mine ?

Me: you will get some if you ask nicely.!

*Vote Kicked*


I give them nourishment and thats my payback……Screw them ALL!!

You think i am being a little bit over the top?

Perhaps, but there is a reasoning behind this i assure you. You see i am tired of people looking at us and expect us to do things for them. We are Mages and untill people finally get it through their skulls and acknowledge that fact i will contemplate whether i want to be nice or not.

The two scenarios mentioned above are two of the worst ones i have experienced, it completely drove me off the wall and into my nasty streak. I do not care what anyone has to say, you can be a matt and have people wipe their mess on their shoes all over you, you might enjoy being a free taxi service and vending machine, but i sir…..DO NOT.!!

My nasty Streak wont last long, just a while. I want people to understand the fact that mages are by far the superior class. We are a bundle of Awsomness and more. I demand to be respected again.

So if im standing somewhere and ask for a portal i will say no, i will cast invisibility and vaish from sight, i will look down on them and laugh at their expense (As a draenei i can look down on most races :D).

If you want food i will conjure my own and start eating it  in front of them and let them know of its tastyness.

I will make the Tank cry with my awsomness power and have him run around like a headless chicken.

I will have the preist freak out when i pull trash and frost nova them next to him.

Instead of Focus Magic i will buff Dampen Magic to decrease everyones healing and have the healer wonder, just wonder why his healz just dont deliver.

Buffing Arcane Brilliance will be obsolete, giving melee the intellect and the ability to think before they act clearly does not work. So i will just leave them there to be exactly what they are, incompetent morons that scream “me smash…enemy die now *dribble*”.

i will cast invisivbility when everyone wipes and stay alive and in combat an laugh at my parties demise because of their idiocy.

Mages Unite, whether you are a pretty Blood Elf, a short Cutsey Gnome, a rotting Forsaken or a tall towered Draenei.

This Goes beyond faction, beyond race, this is about our class and how we are regarded. We are underappreciated and we need to give back the grief they ave caused us. Let us Demolish the Prejudice.

I will be a mean Mage until im Acknowledged.

Are you with me ?!?!?!

To all the mages out there..




~ by archaius on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “R.E.S.P.E.C.T”

  1. On Portals:

    If someone has the Aura of Dick, pop a portal to Theramore. If a PuG has an Aura of Dick, pop a portal to Theramore and somewhere else on op of eachother. Let them play portal roulette.

    On Strudel:

    I’ve been known to speak foreign languages if someone’s being rude to me. Current favourite is Welsh – chances of bumping into a Welsh speaker in a PuG are next to nil.

    On Buffs:

    Same as the Strudel problem. Put up a communication barrier. If they can’t be bothered to overcome it, they’ll usually just get on and pull, grumbling all the while.

    • Hmmmm your ideas intrigue my brainstems…. I shall incorporate them in my revenge plan…
      Archaius thanks you …!!
      Ps: love the aura of dick phrase ….lolz Pallies need to have that on them, permanently..!

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