Mean Mage the results….

If you have been keeping up with my posts you must know already about the mammoth rant i had the other day about the under-appreciation of our class.

Well i have been busy getting our rep up, yesirreee!!

For starters i created a macro announcing my appearance in a pug. It goes something like this:
“Greetings, you have the priviledge to be grouping with Archaius today. The Grand Magus of Dalaran is offering his assistance, if you require buffs or Nourishment ask the great one nicely, if you are going to be rude and obnoxious he might be forced to let you rot in this puny instance for eternity, how you say? well all you can do is try it and you will find out, Naaru Guide your path.!!”

So far i only got Kicked once, i know its a whole bunch of LOL.

They propably thought i was crazy or something but hey i come from an RP realm. On the other hand when i didnt get kicked, it had some good response, people talking nicely and asking nicely for the blessings of the Grand one, im having a blast.

You will of course get the occasional Tank that thinks he is intelligent enough and act all Macho, my response?

-Duel me Asswipe.

His response?

-Okay lets get on with it.

I smell defeat, *cackle*

Im loving this so much that it could go to my head, but i urge you to lay your cards on the table as soon as you enter that Instance, that way they can get it through their thick skulls that we mean buisness, rise to power my friends.

On a side note patch 3.3.3


Fire gets Buffed

Frost gets Buffed

Arcane gets Buffed

We are Buffed

Overall goodylicious for us Mages πŸ™‚

The major thing that excites me the most is the fact that Arcane Empowerment is now a permanent Aura instead of it relying whenever we crit, and as Arioch over at Clearcasting pointed out, we are gonna be cool just by appearing there.

The other thing that tickles my happygenes affects my PvP gaming experience by a longshot. Since i am a Fire/Arcane PvP Mage i rely on my Slow effect, my Presence of Mind, my Pyroblast and my Torment of the Weak, combine all those together and what do you get? An instant hurling fireball of madness that has 70% chance to crit and 12% extra damage to boot, im getting all sentimental *cry*. Warlocks you shall now ……. Perish……..!!

Frozo the Renowned will be taking in Frozen orbs you will not need anymore and turn them into nice valuable thingies like eternals, runed orbs and a spiffy new frosty carpet for the tailors out there.

No more Hoarding those marks in the mailbox, they are now to vanish from the face of the earth…wooot!!

Battleground Random System, more honor, more deaths, bring on the Carnage.

Thats all..!!

Faiwell Azerothians

The Great one..!


~ by archaius on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mean Mage the results….”

  1. Great post, very funny and I just lurve your macro, think I’ll come up with something as well (when I can get myself back into it)

    I love pvp but alas I’m not very good. I mainly did pvp on my hunter but I spent a lot of time, effort and dieing getting some pvp gear for my mage but I just cant seem to find a decent talent that I can play well with. My dream is to be a ‘decent’ pvp player on my mage as I know and have seen just how good they can be.

    I’m currently specced frost so maybe it’s time to have another look, tweak my spec, dust off the pvp gear and give it another go. Any advice from a pvp’r on talent points?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚
      As for the pvp side of things we all have to begin from somewhere. Frost is a great spec to get into peeveepee. It provides great survivability and a great way to snare and pew pew your opponents whilst in a distance easily, if you are looking to get into a different spec I have a guide on this blog regarding Arcane/Fire. It’s pretty much comprehensive listing talents, rotations, macros and what gems you will need. Check it out and let me know which direction you choose to go.

  2. Bah…Ive just spent all morning looking at my spec as last night I went arcane/frost shatter but I’m not happy with it and just posted a new spec on my blog of 53/7/11

    Now having seen your arcane/fire im like oooh pyroblast I forgot about that so now I’m all confused again.

    I’ve only read part 1 so will now go read the rest but arcane pvp, someone who feels my pain of frost and the lack of damage and boredom…

    What to do…….what to do…..!

    • Well I tried them all I’m most happy with my arcane/ fire specc at the moment, I’m thinking of doing arena pvp soon, and contemplating scenarios and specs for frost, stay posted and I will be writing about my findings soon πŸ™‚

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