Learning About the Enemy..!!

Knowledge is power my friends and that is what i aim in obtaining.

i have recently hit a plateau as they say, burnout, pure boredom in the game. I feel that doing dailies, transmutes/cooldowns and the occasional PUG’s have become repetitive and lost their sparkle.

What did i do? Funny you should ask….

“Hi my name is Archaius and im an Altoholic..!!”

I rolled another toon, for kicks, i already have another two at 80 and a few others at varying levels. The one common thing in my 80’s though is that they are all casters. Mage, Druid (healer) and Hunter.

So i opted for Mellee. I thought long and hard….

Warrior?  Boring.

Paladin?  The light just isnt that bright enough.

Death Knight? God forbid, im no noob mkay? Instant Stigma not my thang kapish?

So i settled for my worst PvP ENEMY. The Elusive Rogue.

We all have a certain distaste towards that class. Im sure our fondest memories revolve around Questing in a contested zone only to have them gank us and devour us.

To be sneaked upon in the battlegrounds, only to just watch our health rapidly decrease while we where stunned, incapacitated and locked towards our impending doom.

So i took it upon myself to learn the class, be the stealthy assassin, the murderous hitman that Azeroth hears about but has not actually seen…….Because my friends, no one has actually lived long enough to tell of this tale.

The Rogue i chose is on the Alliance side (Naturally), he is a Gnome (Find them quite endearing) and he is called Sathernpansy (Who wouldnt be furious after being killed by a Gnome, even moreso if called that).

Such a lethal Cutiepie...!!

I have created him a few months back, and played with him up until the young tender level of 13, i subsequently ditched him for a while due to the fact that patch day meant, upgrading my characters that were 80. Having all these alts is hard work, but if you have a varying class base, offers alot of flexibility.

-Want a Dps?

-No sorry full, we just need Healz..!!

-Oh i happen to have one of those…!!

Fun all around.

So i wondered around in the forums, talked to my friends that own a decent enough rogue, and talked about specs and begun the journey in leveling my dear rogue.

Excess emblems meant that i could purchase some Heirloom gear for him. So i got him a pair of Daggers, the shoulders and the chest peices, and went on my way.

Most leveling guides pride themselves in getting a character from 1-80 in ten days of  “played” time. But rogues with Heirloom gear blast through the content so fast it was unbeleivable. I am now standing at level 69 with 5 days played on him.

I havent PvP’ed with him yet but i hope that i can get in there as soon as i cap. What i want is to get all my abilities and understand the mechanics behind them, how to do the whole stunlock thing, use my interrups when appropriate and destroy things. Works Perfectly fine against PvE mobs but i know from experience that PvE and PvP are two different worlds.

Killing a mob in three seconds flat excites me. The only downside is waiting for the cooldowns to be up again to get on the next one (cooldowns meaning like 10 secs or so ^^).

I have understood that Rogues rely on being stealthed to a great degree, the opening move that they use is what indicates the outcome of the battle, once they are discovered they are like a fish out of the water and easily Pew Pewed. A combat specced rogue on the other hand does not need to be stealthed to inflict their most hurtful moves, so they rely less on the stealth aspect, just like a leather wearing warrior?

STUNLOCK….I know that word makes me cringe too. But there is a way to combat this.

The Rogue basic rotation for a stunlock goes as so:

Opening Move: Cheap Shot (Stunned x seconds)

Build up of combo points using damaging moves.

Once Cheap shot Wears off, they immediately follow with Kidney shot which has a longer stun duration.

More Combo Points are built and then the,

Finishing Move : Evicerate (usually).

At this point Most clothies are dead (ouch!!)

But because we as mages are Awsomesauce we can counter it.

The trick is to Blink at Kidney shot, this wrecks the whole rotation for the rogue, turn around pompously, slow them and then slap a missle barrage in their face, pew pew pew ^^

The rogue will most likely at that point vanish, that moment i would recommend that you heal up because the next wave of damage is incoming. You could always invisibility and avoid the rogue altogether if you want, but if it happens that he doesnt let you go that easily follow through with the same battle sequence.

If you happen to have a whole bunch of poisons on your person, iceblock them away. Stay always at range because like all mellee the cardinal rule in their defeat is to KITE…!!

I hope this will give you a basic idea in combating our worst enemy. If you have any other nifty tips and tricks that you use against them please share it in the comments below for all to see.

I am hoping this to be the first of a series of installments on how you as an Arcane Mage can react against the different classes.

I am not saying im going to roll one of each class and figure out how they work…..

Or am I???

Im half way there already regardless…..(saaaaaaaad!!)

“Know thy enemy, be thy enemy, think like the enemy and prey on their weakness”

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on March 27, 2010.

One Response to “Learning About the Enemy..!!”

  1. Just like me, I love levelling and don’t know why.

    I’ve reinstated by lvl 28 shaman – Badassvoodoo so I’m back up to 4 x 80, DK @60, Priest @ 44, Shammy @ 28

    I don’t have a rogue as it’s never really appealed and I’ve no marks for heirlooms, im cleaned out.

    These do make a huge difference and I lvl’d my pally 1-80 real quick.

    In respect of my alts and when I’m not concentrating on my pvp mage, I think I’ll work on my N’elf Priest or maybe my troll shammy

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