Mages against Paladins…..The tricks.!!

Paladins, warriors of the light, manipulating it to their very will, for protection, to smite, and to heal and assist others. They adorn the heaviest of armor and are a formidable foe.

What can we as a squshy mage do to best a daunting enemy such as them?

The answer is…..MANY!

First and foremost a paladin is a mellee class, with the exception being the holy tree.

Protection Paladins have an immence health pool, talents that limit stun and silence timelines as well as many spells to mitigate incoming damage. On the other hand they have limited ranged attacks that enable us to do damage from a distance. They rely too much on their buffs as well as draw power from one school of magic. Oh and let us not forget the poor excuse of a manna pool they have.

The trick: Slow, stay out of mellee range, spam spellsteal to remove their beloved buffs. They play as i said a major part in boosting their performance to be left alone. Hand of freedom? Spellsteal it, and subsequently slow. Eat away at their hefty health pool and be ontop of your game. A paladin with no manna is useless and there is a strong possibility they will run out before you do. Be wise and consistent and you will win…..Eventually!


Amazing burst damage, some mobility, damage mitigation. Does that scare you? Dont be afraid, they are still a mellee class after all. They have a slim chance of dealing a random ranged attack when attacked (Crusader) but other than that nothing else really springs to mind. Like all the trees Retardins (lol) rely too much on their buffs and have a sub par mana pool.

The trick: kite, Kite, KITE…..slow spellsteal, bombard them with your most damaging attacks because this is going to be a very close fight. You can cut it close with this type of pally purely because of the fact that they have amazing burst capability. See them Heal? Counterspell them immediately and lock them out of their only spell source, they are literally powerless. In those four seconds blast them with all you have, and pray to the gods you outlast them.


Quick, constant heals, hardly ever die, big mana pool, damage mitigation, excellent healers. But the good thing for us is that they hardly deal any damage (EXORCISM-LAWL), rely on buffs and only one school of magic. Movement limited as they have to remain still for a few seconds to cast their spells.

The trick: Healadins for me are the toughest version of a Paladin in terms of defeating them. It is an endurance fight and a battle of wills. The trick to beat them revolves around how quickly you can pump out the damage. You need to overwhelm them by constantly casting. The more frequent and consecutive the attacks the longer it will take them to pull off that all important heal. Counterspell when you see them casting, blow your mirror images, cast your “I win” button, arcane power and everything else you have, and pump out those arcane blasts and missiles. If all goes as planned they should go down quite quickly, use slow also for the 12% increase in damage output and hope it works. Thats all i can share with you. Healadins are tough, i am not going to lie..

If you have any tips, views or tricks in the process of deafeating paladins in any spec, shape or form, share t in the comments below…..Im intrigued..!

Until then…..

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on April 7, 2010.

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