Me….a shopaholic? Nooooooooo!

This post is especially written to make me loath myself for giving into the allure that is the Blizz store.

With the release of the Celestial Steed and Lil-XT last week, many people sprinted into the opportunity in getting one, overloading the customer queue in the process to as long as, wait for it, two days. Such was the appeal for the in-game pet and mount that Blizzard netted a vast amount of revenue from this stunt.

I myself see nothing wrong with people purchasing vanity items, it doesn’t help you pawn the Lich King. It doesn’t give you 5000 arena rating and it most definitely does not one hit K.O enemies in the battlegrounds as soon as you mount. So I tell you this, what is your problem people?

Think of the mount as an original designer suit, lets say Prada, because I like the brand, you purchase it because it’s a gift for yourself, makes you feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside. Thats what the mount is for your avatar, a Prada Suit. You mount it and you look instantly cool, sleek and elegant. Elevating your status within the game that little bit higher, above the rest. Sure it’s introducing a dichotomy of classes within the game, those who have the dosh and those who haven’t. Newsflash, that is kinda like the world we live in at the moment , no? If the person purchasing it feels good, then leave them be.

-But, oh, it’s so sparkly and annoying..!!

Thats jealous talk for, I want one tooooo *cry*!

-Everyone will have one, whats the point!

Thats jealous talk for, I want one, but I cant afford it!

See where im going with this ? Its Jealousy!

So I was walking in Dalaran myself when I noticed the sparkly horses and so mesmerised was I that the Blizz Store website popped in front of me…*I swear*and there it was, the Majestic celestial steed, yours only for a small, itty, bitty, sum. So what did I do?
I bought it of course, Look how pretty it is:

The fact that it doubles as a ground and flying mount is deeply exciting. It also scales with your quickest mount in your collection, and since I already obtained the Violet Proto Drake from my word events only just recently, I have two mounts that fly at 310% speed. Wooooopeeeee, eat my celestial dust, suckersssss!!

I then proceeded to exit the website when more things started winking at me, needless to say I bought them too :S

My plushies (Alliance/Horde) should arrive soon, tomorrow I hope, I want them now, with me and in-game, because they are just sooooo adorable!

So mount up your steeds dear people, hold your heads high and Ride/Fly into the Horizon while the others lag behind you for 1.5 seconds because they are changing mounts.

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on April 20, 2010.

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