There is a soul in all of us…

What goes through your mind when you think of the opposing faction ?

Is it hate ?


The need to squash them like little bugs?

Is there a particular race that you simply cannot stomach? A class that you envy?

Or pity?

Well I do. I have been on the Alliance faction for as long as I remember in my gaming life. The first time I logged into the game and had to select my faction and race, I have to say the Horde didn’t appeal to me in the least. Monstrous looking creatures, with fangs and bad skin tone just put me off. The distaste for the Horde races came when I did Battlegrounds. Them against us didn’t go well in most cases and all the anger that was bottled up inside kinda vented it’s self in my loathing for them. It soon escalated from distaste, to hate and then to revulsion, I just didnt like the Horde.

Carrying on with the theme, Forsaken Warlocks are my bane, I don’t like them, undead are not cool looking and warlocks, well they are just warlocks are they not? Nothing more, nothing less. Just poor Mage replicas.

But something happened that spurred me to re-think my ideologies.

I was leveling my rogue in Zul’Drak and i was at the Amphitheater of Anguish Quests. I couldn’t solo it since i was level 79 and poorly geared, so i asked in General chat for assistance. As usual no-one replied. I asked in guild and lo and behold a tank friend of mine offered to help. So I sit by the Quest giver and await his arrival. Two minutes pass by and an Undead warlock just happens to fly by with his Magic Carpet, he waves at me and dismounts.

He then proceeded to point at the quest giver and motioned me to go. (Emote OFC).

So i take the quest and jump into the arena, at the back of my mind i thought that he will propably just leave me there and watch me perish, but he didnt, he jumps in, summons his minion, awaits for me to tag the mob and helped me down him. He cheers me, I cheer back and we continued to do them all. My tank friend arrived at the second one so we took them all on. Me , a Dwarf warrior and an Undead warlock from a different faction.

We then helped him do his. This feeling of camaderie rarely occures in the WoW community, if not at all.

So that got me thinking, maybe the opposing faction isnt as brutal, heartless and obnoxious as we like to think they are, but are people who care and really have some kindness in their soul.

Special Thanks to Amrael, Forsaken Warlock, Steamwheedle Cartel (EU), for assisting me at a moment of need without second thought. You have completely made me revise my opinions regarding the Horde Faction and you are a great asset to your group.

*Also Apologies for the extreeme lateness of posts recently, Finals what can i say, post should resume at their normal pace, also im thinking of expanding this blog to cover more classes instead of it being mage specific, let me know. Oh and another thing. I need some tips in getting a new header, my one is pretty basic and im ashamed*

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on May 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “There is a soul in all of us…”

  1. Horde F.T.W. lol

    On my server Darksorrow EU we do see in my opinion a lot more horde helping ally than the other way around.

    I was on my pally levelling mining in outland a few weeks back and an ally priest was trying to solo on a group quest, no way was he going to do it and he really was struggling. I just flew down and 1 hit it for him 😉

    He bowed, thanked me and for a split second I did think…shall I??? But I didn’t he’s levelling and I’ve got enough 80’s to know that any help is always appreciated when levelling and what would I gain out of it apart from pwning his ass – absolutely nothing, you can’t from killing someone 15 levels lower apart from ‘I killed your sorry ass’

    I can only talk from my own experiences but on our server, alliance will not even think twice about ganking whereas Horde don’t appear to do it so much but I’m sure if you spoke to an alliance player he would say its the other way around.

    • You did a very honorable thing there. I myself will not hesitate twice to assist an opposing faction player if he needs it. Although on our server the two factions don’t really like each other much and we are always at blows with one another. That is why I was surprised to see that the person in question was willing to give a hand. I did log in on my horde and thanked him personally and do you know what he said? * Sometimes Alliances between the two factions can be made to assist towards a common goal* a very wise person indeed.

  2. I wish this mentality existed on Blackrock. However, with Allies outnumbered nearly 9-to-1, any Hordie helping an Ally is usually considered a trap, and any Ally trying to help a Hordie is met with atleast three guildies the helpee notified of a “free HK”.

    • That is just mean……But i suppose different servers have a different way in inter-faction camaderie. In that case i would suggest to attack on site hehehe

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