An incident occured last night on my server, that i witnessed and left me absolutely mortified.

I logged on to my rogue and got ready to do some heroics, it was late at night and trade chat was unusually busy. I went round my buisness as usual observing the conversations that where going on. Everyone was talking about their lives and how miserable/great it was.

In all the commotion one Guy opened up to say that he attempted suicide five times in his life and went on to explain that he is still recovering from it at the moment. He also said that he was depressed.

I am one of those people who dont really open themselves up emotionally like that telling a bunvh of strangers about my problems, but I felt bad for this guy, i mean it was tough for him.

This of course is not the horrific part, what followed later on is…

About six people stepped up berating him and taunting him because of what he said:

-Your an Attention seeker…!!

-With five tries under you belt, one of thought that you would know how to do it properly by now!

-The trick is to cut your veins vertically, not horizontally!

-For the sixth time, why dont you jump off a building, there is no turning back then!

-Telling someone to commit suicide, is not bad, its called support!

This made me sick to the stomach.

To have people, insulting and coercing this individual to finish himself off was just obnoxious to say the least.

Does the safetey of Anonymity, bring forth the real persona within people? People who maliciously hurt an individual on a psychological level to the point that they would kill themselves?

On the other hand why didnt anybody else speak to support this person. Apart from myself and another player within the game we tried endlessly to convince them that to wish death upon another is just plain wrong and discusting. What is there to fear, if you have the safety of anonymity right? Maybe your not into conflict, or maybe your not interested i dont know, but mre should of spoken up.

I wonder sometimes where humanity has gone, where is the empathy for your fellow player. We are a community where like minded people who share the same interests gather. But instead of looking out for one another and offer a helping hand we condemn them because of their life experiences that are not considered normality.

Has the game conditioned players to behave this way? To become ignorant about their fellow man because all they do all day is Kill Kill Kill? I beleive not, otherwise we would all be like that. Are some more liable to succumb to that? I think so.

After about three hours of opinions flying back and forth and a war of words, the conversation ceased. I ignored a bunch of people, put others on the right trail of thought and gained some more allies in raising the awareness that is so required.

What do you think about  this situation, do you think I should of kept quiet? Or was it right for the players to behave in such a barbaric manner?

All i say is that I am dissapointed!

*Discrmination is an act of narrowmindedness, and lack of empathy is a lack of self*

Fairwell Azerothians



~ by archaius on May 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Discusting…..!”

  1. I don’t like what they said to the guy, I find his behaviour just as inappropriate.

    I had a guildie once who used to confide in me his mental problems, and his suicide attempts etc and I really felt awful for him and was genuinely trying to help him and telling him he needed to speak with his Drs et as they were trained in emntal health issues, UNTIL i found out via my officers at the time, that he was doing it to all of them.

    Yes he may have been hurting and he may have done the things he said, but ultimately if you start sprouting the same stuff to anyone who will listen – it does really become less about you actually needing help and more about you wanting attention and people to moon over you.

    I think some people feed on the nicer people in the game and after 5 years of being one of those nice people, I generally whisper them to talk to their Dr and not the WOW populace, then stick them on ignore. May be harsh, but I think they shouldn’t be using WoW as a therapist pick up store, and we should not be using it a way to get our rocks off insulting people and telling them to do it….

    But then no one has manners in the online world, so it shouldn’t really be a shock should it? Sorry for the ramble and I am sorry if I have offended you!


    • I understand your reasoning. What really annoyed me though was the reaction of certain people to this kind of remark. I’m not condoning openness on his behalf because I know that sympathy won’t be given. If he did do it for attention then the guilt trip is on his behalf, but then again the guilt should also transpire to the people who spoke to him in such a manner.
      I like you am one of the guys, ganging up on an individual in my opinion is something that someone has to stand up against. It is essentially bullying.
      You haven’t offended me in the least because your points are well clarified, and I agree with you. Thanks dragonray. You strike me as a very intelligent individual.

  2. Thanks Archaius!

    Most of my guild would say otherwise to the intelligent thing, espeiclaly when I am going off my nut at them :d but feel free to read more of my blather if you like wowandfriends.wordpress.com 🙂

    yes I am shamefully self promoting at some of the blogs I like lurking around in :d hehe


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