Entering the Order….

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The Light seemed to brighten as he opened his eyes to the birdsong and the magic that eminated from the purple brick walls.

He thought primarily at the location he was in, but later acknowledged it as his new home, Dalaran. The bastion of magic in Azeroth, floating above the Frozen North.

He got up and stretched his built arms wilst walking towards the diamond shaped windowsill. He perched his body and looked outward. In the distance he saw Crystalsong Forest lying below and spreading in the horizon. The ancient plantation in all its majestic glory, as far as the eye could see was laying there, solidified, dead but never the less beautiful. He gasped in the wonder at how something so surreal could be so lethal.

The light seperated as it struck the mirror edges of the trees and formed exquisite colours to the eye.

Archaius the Draenei Mage was finally welcomed into the  tight circle of the Kirin Tor. He had Proven his worth and his Alliance against the Burning Crusade in his homeland.

He peered at the water jug on the table beside him, the inanimate object stood there, lifeless. He flicked his hand and a purple hue engulfed the Jug, lifted it up and poured water into the bowl next to it. He proceeded to get washed while admiring his reflection in the water. He smiled as the Liquid touched his face, cooling him.

His long greying hair established a sense of wisdom and experience. He tied it into his staple Foxtail and it glistened like the moonlight. His complextion a glowing blue complimented it perfectly.

On a chair nearby his new attire was waiting, the Kirin Tor robe was folded, expensive and the tailoring that proceeded to make this garment was excellent. The combination of purple materials seemed to make it part of Dalaran itself. But the most eye catching aspect of this robe was the crest of Dalaran itself. It seemed to gaze into the soul, searching through, for the most minute of truths. The Eye of Dalaran above three daggers pointing downwards, a symbol that magic prevails over everything.

He positioned the robe over his head and allowed it to drop over his chunky muscular frame. It flowed downwards fitting him perfectly. The sleeves seemed to tighten along his upper arms with excellent precision. The robe fell just above his hooves, hooves that with one kick could stun, disarm and kill instantly. Behind him something seemed to move, just underneath his robe. Grabbing his spellblade Archaius made an incision on his newly crafted robe whils he felt a slight discomfort in minutely damaging the garment.

A long appendage flung out and within an instant of appearing found immediate ease, the gold ring that adorned it had runes of magic etched upon it. His tail offered him balance and dexterity and the occasional flirtatious swings.

His ankles where covered with his traditional homeland anklewraps, passed down by his father after he fell in battle. They where encrusted in gems, his signature purple colour that enhanced his abilities, they withstood alot over the generations as they posessed the power of invulnerability.

Last night he was paid a visit non other than Rhonin the Red himself, requesting him to meet this morning.

His red Flaming Hair looked like a lions mane and his face had no expression. His eyes appeard glassy in the darkenss. Archaius was reading a scroll he had recovered from his previous excursion at ShadowmoonValley, it was old, yellowed by time and the writing and runes on it appeared to glow an eerie green.

-Rhonin, to what i owe this pleasure?
Rhonin stepped forward, his face bareley noticable by the little candlelight that showered him.”I may have a Job for you Archaius, one that interests you fully!”

Archaius lifted himself from the ground and stood stoic.

-Im Listening…

Rhonin looked up at Archaius, his tiny frame was nothing compared to the muscular tall build of the wise mage. Two humans put side by side will barely make up his width and he was tall forcing Rhonin to strain in order to stare him in the eyes.

-I have a message from my scouts, Rhonin Paused, I am sorry to inform you that Minaloushe has failed in his mission.

“Failed?”, Archaius sniggered, “Then he will by all means keep trying to finish it, Minaloushe is not one to take failure lightly”.

-It seemed that the scourge army overwhelemed the small party i sent, including him, many have perished. Rhonin looked away and out to the darkeness.

Archaius’s eyes quickly dimmed and lost any vitality they had in them, he was saddened that his dear friend fell to the Scourge. As quickly as the Dimmed they flared up again, exposing an angered glare in his Amethyst coloured eyes, burning so bright where they that Rhonin’s face was fully visible.

-Explain, how did this happen! , Archaius was decisive while staring the Leader in the eyes.

“His body is to be retreived and brought to us tomorrow, for the medics to examine, i would expect you to be there, in first light.” Rhonin also seemed to grieve and with a wave of his hand he vanished, just as silently as he appeared.

Archaius was distraught and angry, his friend devoured by the plague called the scourge and the battle against the damned Lich King, that bastard Arthas.

He knelt down on one knee and closed his eyes. He would pray to the light for his lost friend, his comrade, and his brother. He prayed to the Naaru that the unfortunate High Elf’s soul was not to be sucked in to the Lich Kings will, but safely move on to the afterlife and find peace. His body glowed a golden hew, a ball of light formed before him and with words of the ancient Naaru send it towards the night sky, where it slowly lost its shine and disintegrated.

He wandered to his bedding, lay down and closed his heavy eyelids, his mind was in overdrive. The worries of the next day, Minaloushe, the Scourge, the mission, the Lich King.

Archaius gathered his elusive mind, too much passed through him that he lost the essence of time, what will he witness today, and what would Rhonin ask of him?

He took a deep breath and pulled the heavy timber door of his quarters. It was time to find out.


The Muse Beckons..!!

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It seems that the Muses are out in full force and are pumping out their wisdom. The Greek Goddesses of the Olympiad have stepped down from their thrones to pass on their creativity.

Its not Calliope


Maybe its Euterpe

or even Melpomene

Terpsichore is busy at the moment

Erato, the muse of love?

Polyhymnia the song muse? but this is a writing blog.

Urania is astrology based.

Thalia, but then again it isn’t poetry

Who could it be?

Its of course Windsoar the muse of the blog, settling over at the Jaded alt and pumping out enlightment to all the Bloggers out there who have congratulated her for her Six month blogging anniversary (6 months :0..).

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her also on her success, her amazing posts and hope that she continues to inspire.

So this Goddess blessed me with her infinite knowledge and set me a task. This is what she come up with:

*/cast Muse
You may be a mage summoning portals and strudel from thin air, but do think all that translocation is healthy? I mean, shouldn’t that strudel be toxic or something? Explain why I should eat your strudel or step through your portal and expect to be reasonably sized on the other side.*

I am going to answer this question with a little pazzang..!! (If thats even a word).

Mages are a powerful asset to anyone, we have plenty of utility when it comes to assisting others and their needs.

I remember once upon a time when i was but an apprentice in the long road of becoming a Mage. Wanting to become as strong as Khadgar Himself.

So off i went to the “Dalaran College of the Mage Arts” to pursue my destiny.

The Dalaran Mages have very high standards i will have you know, the exams where ludicrously hard, but i stuck through it , and now look at me…all imposing and stuff.

There where two classes that bothered me and caused alot of hassle, those sinister modules where Conjuration and Teleportation. I was completely hopeless when it came to it and the theory sucked. There was one positive to them though and that was the practicals, i wanted to learn.

Dabbling in the magic arts did not protect you from its dangers nevertheless.

The teleporting class started as a disaster, it required a great deal of concentration and will to even teleport myself to the room next door. It is by far the most dangerous stunt to do, i remember my first one…Vividly.

My Proffessor asked me to teleport myself to the other side of the grand lecture theater, it was a test to measure competence and to see my standing level.

So i stood up, took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I mumbled the words of power that i learnt off by heart a few days before and felt my body lighten almost immediately only to be back to its heavy feel again. Keeping my eyes closed i could hear the rest of the apprentices sniggering, that was the queue for me to mutter to myself *Stupid Archaius, you messed up again*.

I opened my eyes and looked around me, i was on the other side of the room. A cheer escaped me,

*i did it, i did it*

Then i tried to move, I looked down and to my horror and shock of what i saw made me let out a cry of despair and passed out.

Turns out i teleported straight into the desk, the bottom half of my body melded with the framework. If it wasn’t for the esteemed Mages of Dalaran working their magic in sepertaing me from the Stationary furniture i would be known untill now as:

Archaius Desklegs *Shudder*

Needless to say i exercised my methods day in and day out, time after time and managed to pass the module with flying colours. Im a complete pro now, *Looks Away*.

The portal buisness, was alot easier once the teleportation sequence was taught, all you had to do was think of the destination and say the words, at the final sentence make a tearing motion with your hand in the air to *cut* reality and open the portal. See? easy peasy. That reminds me, Lorena my friend used a portal from me when i was experimenting with my portals, i wonder where she might be.

So the answer to your first section my muse is this, translocation is healthy , if you can master it, very exausting sometimes so i refrain from using it often.

Onwards to the culinary class.

You need to be a top Culinary Mage to make *gasp* “The Studel”. Only a select few have gained the ability to master it. I must admit it took me a while to get the hang of it too.

A series of practical tests where required to pass this one and if you are going by with what i said previously, you know what is to come.

The first test was to conjure a perfectly formed muffin. Bouncy, puffy and full of taste.

What did is produce?

Something that resembled soup in a cup.

Three days of consecutive training i made the magic happen *No pun intended*.

The second test was to conjure a loaf of bread. It needed to be aromatic, moist and hot. That was easy, after all i got the hang of it right?

It happened when the bakery put up its fresh bread on for sale, the smell wafted through the air and into my nostrils. Due to the deep craving that i had at the time one just happened to appear in my hands.

Okay Okay….dont pressure me….i stole it……:S

But i produced another one shortly afterwards….i was hungray….!!

But this method is what helped me sail throught the rest of the tests. Imagine the food, picture it, the smell and the texture and *POOF*, there they where, materialized, real.

Then came the time of the Strudel, the pinaccle of my graduation as a culinary mage. I had to get it right, i shouldn’t fail.

The test was complex, it required many levels in creating the perfect strudel. The pastry in one hand, the jam in the other and of course the final process of merging them together in the final object. Very complex indeed.

The critic sampling the strudel was no other than Rhonin himself, i was such in awe at his appearance i started getting nervous.

All in all the Mages that where to graduate where fifteen, we stood in a line and conjured or strudels. Different varieties existed, Apple, strawberry, orange *Blurgh* and mine…..Grape!! *MMMM*

Rhonin went by…one by one he took a bite out of each Mage’s Strudel making grimaces that i couldn’t discern. Nice, bad, hideous? I could not tell.

It was my Turn *Gulp*

Rhonin Picked up a slice and placed it in his mouth after looking at it with……desire?

His eyes brightened as if he ate the foods of the gods, but it wasnt an expression of bliss…..He was choking!!

Vereesa, his wife, ran to the rescue and with the dexterity you could only see in the most accomplished of High Elf Rangers, quickly quelled the High Mage’s plight.

It dawned on me that i would never graduate, i would remain an apprentice for the rest of my life, that or become a Warlock, failure either way.

The results where in and i was not interested in the least, i knew i stood no chance.

-Strong competition was shown to us today by our apprentice Mages, out of the possible fifteen i am afraid only two will graduate this year from our academy. The rest need to stay and hone their skills.

*Rhonin was sooo harsh*

Graduating in second place this year is ……Garry Lotter *get it?*, congratulations!!

-First Prize goes to… Archaius…..well done, the Grape was an excellent touch to bring out the taste of the pastry, i have never felt so alive eating it.

My eyes lit up and was overwhelmed with joy, i graduated from Mage Academy and i was officially a Dalaran Mage.

That is the Story on how i made my Strudel. We had to go through that so that i could answer my muse’s question of course, im no self loathing mage you know, I do have a point to make.

I live off Strudel, it saves me alot of gold in the process, its not toxic and im living proof at how healthy it makes you ….*Flex*.

It fills you up and goes down a treat at parties, the only downside that i could think is that you could quite possibly get addicted to it. It is fat free, i conjure it that way you see, and it never spoils. It Dissapears in 15 minutes (I timed it), and if we run out I make more.

Thats why you should eat my Strudel. Its super Yummy, Rhonin approved and its….GRAPE FLAVOUR..!!

As for my portals dear muse, you can expect to reach the other side as a whole peice. I didnt spend all this time in Dalaran Academy to do half finished buisness I will have you know. Im no engineer that uses unpredictable wormholes. Portals are the original thing and wormholes are lets say the replica of a well tailored designer bag.

So if you want to be always full and content, without the excess weight hassle, be at the latest festival at any of the major cities i would strongly recommend becoming friends with a mage!!

Im offering….Be my friend…..Please???

Fairwell Azerothians


Learning About the Enemy..!!

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Knowledge is power my friends and that is what i aim in obtaining.

i have recently hit a plateau as they say, burnout, pure boredom in the game. I feel that doing dailies, transmutes/cooldowns and the occasional PUG’s have become repetitive and lost their sparkle.

What did i do? Funny you should ask….

“Hi my name is Archaius and im an Altoholic..!!”

I rolled another toon, for kicks, i already have another two at 80 and a few others at varying levels. The one common thing in my 80’s though is that they are all casters. Mage, Druid (healer) and Hunter.

So i opted for Mellee. I thought long and hard….

Warrior?  Boring.

Paladin?  The light just isnt that bright enough.

Death Knight? God forbid, im no noob mkay? Instant Stigma not my thang kapish?

So i settled for my worst PvP ENEMY. The Elusive Rogue.

We all have a certain distaste towards that class. Im sure our fondest memories revolve around Questing in a contested zone only to have them gank us and devour us.

To be sneaked upon in the battlegrounds, only to just watch our health rapidly decrease while we where stunned, incapacitated and locked towards our impending doom.

So i took it upon myself to learn the class, be the stealthy assassin, the murderous hitman that Azeroth hears about but has not actually seen…….Because my friends, no one has actually lived long enough to tell of this tale.

The Rogue i chose is on the Alliance side (Naturally), he is a Gnome (Find them quite endearing) and he is called Sathernpansy (Who wouldnt be furious after being killed by a Gnome, even moreso if called that).

Such a lethal Cutiepie...!!

I have created him a few months back, and played with him up until the young tender level of 13, i subsequently ditched him for a while due to the fact that patch day meant, upgrading my characters that were 80. Having all these alts is hard work, but if you have a varying class base, offers alot of flexibility.

-Want a Dps?

-No sorry full, we just need Healz..!!

-Oh i happen to have one of those…!!

Fun all around.

So i wondered around in the forums, talked to my friends that own a decent enough rogue, and talked about specs and begun the journey in leveling my dear rogue.

Excess emblems meant that i could purchase some Heirloom gear for him. So i got him a pair of Daggers, the shoulders and the chest peices, and went on my way.

Most leveling guides pride themselves in getting a character from 1-80 in ten days of  “played” time. But rogues with Heirloom gear blast through the content so fast it was unbeleivable. I am now standing at level 69 with 5 days played on him.

I havent PvP’ed with him yet but i hope that i can get in there as soon as i cap. What i want is to get all my abilities and understand the mechanics behind them, how to do the whole stunlock thing, use my interrups when appropriate and destroy things. Works Perfectly fine against PvE mobs but i know from experience that PvE and PvP are two different worlds.

Killing a mob in three seconds flat excites me. The only downside is waiting for the cooldowns to be up again to get on the next one (cooldowns meaning like 10 secs or so ^^).

I have understood that Rogues rely on being stealthed to a great degree, the opening move that they use is what indicates the outcome of the battle, once they are discovered they are like a fish out of the water and easily Pew Pewed. A combat specced rogue on the other hand does not need to be stealthed to inflict their most hurtful moves, so they rely less on the stealth aspect, just like a leather wearing warrior?

STUNLOCK….I know that word makes me cringe too. But there is a way to combat this.

The Rogue basic rotation for a stunlock goes as so:

Opening Move: Cheap Shot (Stunned x seconds)

Build up of combo points using damaging moves.

Once Cheap shot Wears off, they immediately follow with Kidney shot which has a longer stun duration.

More Combo Points are built and then the,

Finishing Move : Evicerate (usually).

At this point Most clothies are dead (ouch!!)

But because we as mages are Awsomesauce we can counter it.

The trick is to Blink at Kidney shot, this wrecks the whole rotation for the rogue, turn around pompously, slow them and then slap a missle barrage in their face, pew pew pew ^^

The rogue will most likely at that point vanish, that moment i would recommend that you heal up because the next wave of damage is incoming. You could always invisibility and avoid the rogue altogether if you want, but if it happens that he doesnt let you go that easily follow through with the same battle sequence.

If you happen to have a whole bunch of poisons on your person, iceblock them away. Stay always at range because like all mellee the cardinal rule in their defeat is to KITE…!!

I hope this will give you a basic idea in combating our worst enemy. If you have any other nifty tips and tricks that you use against them please share it in the comments below for all to see.

I am hoping this to be the first of a series of installments on how you as an Arcane Mage can react against the different classes.

I am not saying im going to roll one of each class and figure out how they work…..

Or am I???

Im half way there already regardless…..(saaaaaaaad!!)

“Know thy enemy, be thy enemy, think like the enemy and prey on their weakness”

Fairwell Azerothians


Mean Mage the results….

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If you have been keeping up with my posts you must know already about the mammoth rant i had the other day about the under-appreciation of our class.

Well i have been busy getting our rep up, yesirreee!!

For starters i created a macro announcing my appearance in a pug. It goes something like this:
“Greetings, you have the priviledge to be grouping with Archaius today. The Grand Magus of Dalaran is offering his assistance, if you require buffs or Nourishment ask the great one nicely, if you are going to be rude and obnoxious he might be forced to let you rot in this puny instance for eternity, how you say? well all you can do is try it and you will find out, Naaru Guide your path.!!”

So far i only got Kicked once, i know its a whole bunch of LOL.

They propably thought i was crazy or something but hey i come from an RP realm. On the other hand when i didnt get kicked, it had some good response, people talking nicely and asking nicely for the blessings of the Grand one, im having a blast.

You will of course get the occasional Tank that thinks he is intelligent enough and act all Macho, my response?

-Duel me Asswipe.

His response?

-Okay lets get on with it.

I smell defeat, *cackle*

Im loving this so much that it could go to my head, but i urge you to lay your cards on the table as soon as you enter that Instance, that way they can get it through their thick skulls that we mean buisness, rise to power my friends.

On a side note patch 3.3.3


Fire gets Buffed

Frost gets Buffed

Arcane gets Buffed

We are Buffed

Overall goodylicious for us Mages 🙂

The major thing that excites me the most is the fact that Arcane Empowerment is now a permanent Aura instead of it relying whenever we crit, and as Arioch over at Clearcasting pointed out, we are gonna be cool just by appearing there.

The other thing that tickles my happygenes affects my PvP gaming experience by a longshot. Since i am a Fire/Arcane PvP Mage i rely on my Slow effect, my Presence of Mind, my Pyroblast and my Torment of the Weak, combine all those together and what do you get? An instant hurling fireball of madness that has 70% chance to crit and 12% extra damage to boot, im getting all sentimental *cry*. Warlocks you shall now ……. Perish……..!!

Frozo the Renowned will be taking in Frozen orbs you will not need anymore and turn them into nice valuable thingies like eternals, runed orbs and a spiffy new frosty carpet for the tailors out there.

No more Hoarding those marks in the mailbox, they are now to vanish from the face of the earth…wooot!!

Battleground Random System, more honor, more deaths, bring on the Carnage.

Thats all..!!

Faiwell Azerothians

The Great one..!


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This image is a Draenei, When its PISSED...!!

Scenario 1

-Hey can i have a portal to Dalaran?

-(me): Sure

-I will tip

*portal opens*

*he enters portal*


*he leaves group*

-(me) : why you little shit…

*you are ignored*


Im not really that fussed with tips to be completely honest with you, a rune costs a mere silver thats not the issue, the issue is the way this guy acted.

Scenario 2

Party Pug

Me: Hai All

-Hey (from random people)

-Mage table

-Excuse me?


Me: im guessing manners dont exist on your server!


*Makes food, hand it out to the rest of the group except the rude one*

-Where is mine ?

Me: you will get some if you ask nicely.!

*Vote Kicked*


I give them nourishment and thats my payback……Screw them ALL!!

You think i am being a little bit over the top?

Perhaps, but there is a reasoning behind this i assure you. You see i am tired of people looking at us and expect us to do things for them. We are Mages and untill people finally get it through their skulls and acknowledge that fact i will contemplate whether i want to be nice or not.

The two scenarios mentioned above are two of the worst ones i have experienced, it completely drove me off the wall and into my nasty streak. I do not care what anyone has to say, you can be a matt and have people wipe their mess on their shoes all over you, you might enjoy being a free taxi service and vending machine, but i sir…..DO NOT.!!

My nasty Streak wont last long, just a while. I want people to understand the fact that mages are by far the superior class. We are a bundle of Awsomness and more. I demand to be respected again.

So if im standing somewhere and ask for a portal i will say no, i will cast invisibility and vaish from sight, i will look down on them and laugh at their expense (As a draenei i can look down on most races :D).

If you want food i will conjure my own and start eating it  in front of them and let them know of its tastyness.

I will make the Tank cry with my awsomness power and have him run around like a headless chicken.

I will have the preist freak out when i pull trash and frost nova them next to him.

Instead of Focus Magic i will buff Dampen Magic to decrease everyones healing and have the healer wonder, just wonder why his healz just dont deliver.

Buffing Arcane Brilliance will be obsolete, giving melee the intellect and the ability to think before they act clearly does not work. So i will just leave them there to be exactly what they are, incompetent morons that scream “me smash…enemy die now *dribble*”.

i will cast invisivbility when everyone wipes and stay alive and in combat an laugh at my parties demise because of their idiocy.

Mages Unite, whether you are a pretty Blood Elf, a short Cutsey Gnome, a rotting Forsaken or a tall towered Draenei.

This Goes beyond faction, beyond race, this is about our class and how we are regarded. We are underappreciated and we need to give back the grief they ave caused us. Let us Demolish the Prejudice.

I will be a mean Mage until im Acknowledged.

Are you with me ?!?!?!

To all the mages out there..



Im Single, Abstract and live in the Noun..!!

•March 15, 2010 • 3 Comments

If your an avid reader like myself and are looking to talk to your favourite bloggers and fellow readers I implore you to check out the guild Single Abstract Noun (SAN).

The brain child of Tamarind from Righteous Orbs ,his idea is one of the best anyone has come up so far in bringing the blogging community together and for us to get to know each other.

I rolled an alt and headed to the EU server of Argent Dawn. Since it’s on the Horde side I was a little lost to say the least. So used to the Alliance side was I that I had to experience the other side and it’s inherent beauty in a new perspective.

A quick /who in the search bar and a vast plethora of people suddenly got listed. One of then was Tamarind of who I whispered casually and in a roleplay manner ( heard it’s a heavy rp realm) asked to join the guild.

An invite was issued and I was officially a member of Single Abstract Noun. I must admit talking to Tamarind and joining the guild made my heart flutter with joy. People that I have been Reading their blogs for god knows how long where here, live and chattering away. I introduced myself and the guild chat welled up with greetings. Single Abstract Noun is a guild where you can relax chat and enjoy yourself. I picked a spot I’m the starting area of Silvermoon and immersed myself in the conversation. Before I knew it 2 hours of constant talking went by discussing issues with the upcoming patch, how many 80’s we all have and which is the best class ( mages pawn).

I decided to logg off with a huge smile on my face after the interesting in depth conversasion I had.

So if your looking to join single abstract noun roll an alt and join the fun.

For EU players head to the Argent Dawn realm and on the Horde side.

For US you can hit up Miss Medicina and join them at the Alliance side. Same guild name same server.

I have come to understand that there are two guilds one for Eastside and one for West to help with the timing issues. Also there is one for the Aussies out there but I’m not completely sure. Ask miss Medicina for details on that if your interested.

I love this idea and I hope to find some time soon to log back on my itty bitty Mage and talk some more.

Until next time.

Fairwell Azerothians


Arcane Mage PvP Addons and Macros.

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The third installment of Arcane PvP is now in operation.

I apologise for the lateness of this post but my PC went caboom…

I had to have a new one ordered in and it’s all nice and shiny and stuff….SQUEEE…!!

In this one I shall discuss the lovely benefits addons and macros will have in your gaming playstyle.


Bartender: All your spells nice and compact and placed where you want them for easy access.

Decursive: warlock enemy? He cursed you? the nerve. Decurse yourself and your friends with a simple click of your mouse button.

MiK scrolling battle text: Super customisable that enables you to keep track of incoming damage, damage you dealt healing received or that you have done . It also warns you when you have low health and mana and the added benefit of informing you when your cooldowns are up.

Power auras classic: Easily customisable to indicate your proccs in pretty lights next to your character so you won’t miss that all important missile barrage.

Outfitter: Omg wintergrasp is up, change to your pvp gear with just a click of a button.

Quartz: It’s a cast bar but not just any cast bar, calculates your latency and deciphers the time when you can cast your next spell. So you don’t miss out in squeezing that extra spell in between. Chain casting….yay…!!

There are so many addons out there to choose from but I have found these to be good for my playstyle. If you have any you use yourself as a mage, please let me know in the comments section.


Macros are an essential way of lining up your spells and cast them in rapid succsession.

The addons that I use are:

Iceblock: This one stop anything you are casting and iceblocks you and also cancels the iceblock with the same button.

#showtooltip ice block


/cast ice block

/cancelaura [mod:shift] ice block

Blink: Stops any action you are doing and automatically blinks you.

#showtooltip blink


/cast blink

Counterspell madness: A little something to freak out your enemies and make them panic. Casts counterspell, spawns your mirror images and tosses them a nice arcane barrage. You effectively get de-targeted because of the images, they are locked out of their main spells for 4 seconds and you have free reighn for pew pew. Super effective on classes that rely on one school of magic like paladins and healy preists. As well as balance Druids.

#showtooltip counterspell

/castsequence reset=4 counterspell, mirror image, arcane barrage

Insta pyro powa: Is basically presence of mind and pyroblast as well as your trinket and arcane power . Otherwise known as the * i win* button. The reason that these are macroed together is that presence of mind is a dispellable buff and preists get trigger happy with their mass dispel button.

#showtooltip presence of mind

/cast presence of mind

/cast arcane power

/cast 17

/cast pyroblast

Shield rotary : Is a macro I use whenever my target is established, I have all three shields macroed together in a sequence so I can change then quickly. If it is a melée I use ice armor for extra armor and the extra snare, if it is a caster I pop up Mage armor for spell resistances and extra mana regen. You can use molten armor if you are sure you can be at range unhindered.

/castsequence reset=4 molten armor, ice armor, Mage armor

Buffyness: These are all my buffs lined up for a quick buff up when needed if they run out or if I am rezzing from the spirit healer.

/castsequence reset=4 arcane intellect, Mage armor, dampen magic, slow fall

If you have any macros of your own that you use to help you in pvp don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section. Would be great to read them…!! And i need moarrrr…….. 🙂

All the Addons that i have mentioned can be found on www.curse.com.

Untill next time

Fairwell Azerothians